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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Terrain: Making 40K Fairer(ish)

When I play after school with my friends we have no board or terrain so just shove a few tables together to make a rough, uneven and earthquake prone table. The terrain is usually some books with the occasional pencil case thrown in. These games are fine for school but really don't look any good. 

My two friends playing Fantasy with Macbeth hills and 'woods'.

So about a month ago my dad and I made an 8'x4' gaming table in 4, 4'x2' sections. It has only got sand on it and been basically dry-brushed but it has definitely improved the look of the games and made them much more enjoyable. It helps having terrain pieces which suit my army and fit onto the board easily. I can't take it to school but it is easy to store and is amazing how much better it made the games look.

I realised after playing my first few games on the new board and scenery that it not only effected the look of the game but also the gaming part. The board was slightly bigger than the tables (a true 6'x4' not a 5.5'x4.5') and the terrain was large and taller so gave my monstrous creatures (MCs) a chance at a cover save. It made shooting less effective but limited movement and I think made the game into a much fairer fight. 

I did find however that there wasn't enough barricades and I would love to have a bastion or building that completely blocks LoS. I need to find a good balance of terrain. Just the excuse I need to make some more terrain.

Now where are my clippers......  

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    The large clump of a squad on the left is actually my squad of 63 Highelf spearman.

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