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This is a small blog about my Warhammer 40,000 hobby. I will try to concentrate on the tactics behind the general game and my Xenos armies but there will be the odd post about random stuff.

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Xenos and Proud is an 18 year old from Scotland who has been playing 40K for the last 4 years. He loves the 'under-dog' xenos armies, namely his Tyranid Gorgon splinter fleet, his Saim-Hann windrider host, his Tau Vleastean Hunter-cadre and the newest addition, the Shadowfax Corsairs. Although his tactics are mostly 'borrowed', his painting skills still 'developing' and his luck becoming evermore 'ridiculous' he continues to play, paint and roll in the hope that one day things will get better.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

School League!

So, exciting news everyone! My school club is going to the School League! There will be many other schools competing, lots of people and will be hopefully lots of fun. The rules are quite odd and restricting and I was rally disappointed that it was 600 points and not 2000 or so.

Here's the rules:

- 600 Points
- Compulsory 1 HQ and 2 Troops but you can have more
- Only 1 Elites slot
- EITHER 1 Fast Attack or 1 Heavy Support

I really don't like this set up as small games are too susceptible to luck and extremely random chances. So I was thinking up some lists, wanting to use my Saim-Hann and came up with this:

Runes of Warding
Singing Spear

6 Jetbikes
2 Shuriken Cannons
Singing Spear

3 Jetbikes

3 Jetbikes

Fast Attack
2 Vypers
Scatter Lasers

Total = 600

So my thoughts are that I will not be facing any armour 13+ or what I do will be easily avoided or so expensive that the army will be tiny. Even so I can deal with them with the singing spears. The basic plan is that the larger squad of bikes and and farseer charge headfirst into the enemy and distract fire, turbo boosting for a 3+ cover reroll. Meanwhile the vypers pump out S6 shots and the other bikes capture objectives. Simple.

Any thoughts?

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