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Friday, 26 November 2010

Friday Fluff: Falcon Sky-Dive

Todays fluff is about the Falcon (the only Eldar tank I haven't tried yet) but will also be a little rant. To me this is a perfect example of GW lack of Fluff to Rules ability and general common sense. It is the opposite to the Raveners last time, they were given acute senses, but no shooting weapon?!?

Anyway, here's the bit of fluff I'm talking about, it's found in the Falcon unit entry in the Eldar codex:

Many Falcon pilots specialise in flying hidden within the clouds only to dive from the skies, pulse lasers and shuriken weapons spitting death into the ranks of the enemy.

Or Tank-shock, it's all the same.
That is really cool to me. I love the image of a Falcon appearing out of the sky with a small unit of Fire Dragons, maybe an Autarch as well leading the assault, diving into the weakest point of the enemy. The Fire Dragons leap out and barrel roll into cover or maybe rappel down an Eldar fast rope (I love helicopter fast ropes, they're so cool) while the Falcon is pummeling the foe with it's advanced heavy weapons and protecting the unit from fire with it's holo-fields and shields. The Fire Dragons finish unloading and set about blasting apart tanks too slow to get away and too surprised to react.

Even better, imagine a squadron of these. Devastating fluff-wise and game-wise. And why not? Guard have squadrons all over the place, why not Eldar?

Further ranting: Now that sounds like deep-striking to me, flying from the clouds, into the ranks of the enemy. But wait, does the Falcon have deep-strike? (sounds of codex pages flipping, a small gasp of mock surprise) NO. It doesn't. Really why not. Land Speeders have deep-strike, Land RAIDERS have deep-strike. 

Why do Falcons with a specific piece of fluff that describes deep-striking to the letter and from a race with unparalleled skimmer technology not have deep-strike! 

Games Workshop 'logic' really is beyond me.


  1. That does seem to be a rather glaring disconnect between the rules and fluff. It's hilarious to me to think Space Marines are dropping huge tanks onto the battlefield but the Eldar,with all their sophisticated technology, can't manage the same thing. Oh well... I guess we can always hope that will be something addressed next time the Codex is updated.

  2. Maybe the eldar are more worried about dropping and breaking a Falcon, whereas the Imperium can have a homer simpson-esque "Are those garbage trucks amphibious? Only one way to find out" attitude to the situation - the Imperium has far more material to throw at something and see if it works. The Land Raider is also a far more durable platform to attempt such a feat with than a Falcon.

    Imagine the scene...

    Thunderhawk swoops low, guns blazing down the valley, and a small object drops from below. It's stumpy legs hit the ground running... but not fast enough, as it barrel rolls into a mountainside like a bug on a windscreen.

    Overlooking the valley, several Blood Angel Space marines wince in sympathetic pain. The captain turns to his adjudant and says "ooh ok, that went about as well as the rhino did... get them to try a land raider with the next run, those things are pretty much indestructable anyway..."


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