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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Fire Dragons: Suicide Squad?

Being the latest addition to my Saim-Hann army these guys have been at the forefront of my attention for a few weeks now, enough time for me to have some doubts. Since I have been snowed in I have been playing many practice games against myself (I was proxying my friends lists) and have found them to be less than what I hoped.

Have my (limited) painting skills been wasted?
I had imagined these guys leaping out of their near invulnerable transport before they blow up a tank, any tank, in a huge fireball of death 99.9999% of the time. I mean 5 meltaguns at BS4 are guaranteed to kill any tank. Aren't they?   

Well no, they aren't. I found that their Wave Serpent kept dying to Hive Guard or Missile Launchers, even with its energy field and cover saves. When they did get there that BS4 seemed more like BS2 when I couldn't hit anything, always rolling 1 or 2 hits. Then their melta weapons always fell flat, I rolled snake eyes twice in a row when I only had 3 hits! The AP1 did help but I was surprised when they just knocked off guns and immobilised things. So much for a 'guaranteed kill'.
Then when they did get out of their transport they always died, instantly. I (somehow) destroyed a Predator to only have 3 of them die to the ensuing explosion! Did they shoot themselves in the foot or something?

They bag a tank then disappear.... if they're lucky.
So is there any way to get Fire Dragons to work well, killing more than 1 tank a game? Thankfully there is.

When I was surfing the net I found this article on Fire Dragons by Fritz. My perspective of it is that it says to make Fire Dragons work you need to isolate units through some mean (objective placement, red herrings) all the while keeping the Wave Serpent with the Dragons close-by but unnoticed behind terrain or something. When the tank is appropriately isolated then you move the Serpent up, unload the Dragons in such a way to hide them from any counter attack, such as a charge from the tanks occupants or shooting from the rest of the opponents army, by range and using tanks to block LoS and charge lanes. 

If done right (and the Dragons don't miss and fail to kill the tank) then the enemy cannot retaliate at the Dragons as they are too far away, being blocked or are too distracted by the rest of your army. Next turn you try something similar on the tanks inevitably trundling your way. 

Also try to hide the Dragons behind the tank they intend to kill as they will get good cover from that.

All in all Dragons are not the 'boost head first into the enemy and hope for a kill' unit I thought they were or the distraction unit they inevitably end up being after killing a tank or two. They are instead a very good example of the typical Eldar, extremely deadly but extremely fragile.  

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