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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Schools League Results!

So I'm knackered from the 2 hour car journey and the continuous moving of 60+ Gaunts but the Schools League  Regional Finals are finished! Here's how it went:

Aberdeen GW is amazing. We got there at 9:00 as the shop opened and were al in awe as we went into a huge shop with a dozen gaming tables, swords on the walls and a second floor. We went upstairs to the playing area which had about 8 tables (6x4) but bags of moving room and the walls were decked with Blood Angel banners and cool 8' hard-posters of Space Marines (of course). Awesome.

We had arrived about an hour before the other group and one of their people was another half hour late so we didn't begin until 11:00. This was because all the other team were about 10 years old and had to write their army lists when they arrived. Not a great start.

It didn't get much better as my first game was spent teaching a Tau player how to play past the basic rules of move, shoot, get assaulted. He didn't even know his suits had an extra move in the assault phase. I did my best to have a fun game and help him but I won easily.

Next game against an Ultramarines (Smurf) marines player who had an army which later clocked in at 805 points in the car home (we checked the armies points and they were all over). It was a 600 points tournament and he also had several other illegal mistakes which included Bikers all with 6 attacks base and the non-sergeant with a 4 attack base powerfist. WTF! Anyway I won easily as he had no idea what the hell he was doing.

Last game was after lunch which we had to complete a quiz which was easily done when allowed access to our rulebooks (which the opponents didn't have). Only a 25 minute break but enough to discuss how bogus our opposition was. My friends games had all gone well apart from Ko'vash who had real bad luck against illegal army lists.

Final game was against a little ******* of a Blood Angels player with Gabriel Seth with Honour Guard all with Feel No Pain and 3 combat squads. He bragged how Seth was going to 'Powwnnn your all armyzzzz!' and was a general douche. It didn't help cool his ego when he passed every save for his death unit making 3+ and 4+ FnP counter over (no joke I counted) 50 wounds! 15 of which were AP3 from my Zoanthropes because he had grouped up for no reason! His luck eventually died when I charged with 44 Gaunts and killed 3 guys with 50 attacks, hitting on 4+s, wounding on 4+ reroll. That combat was started turn 5 and the game ended turn 5 so he continued to brag how Seth would have killed them all and the Tervigon behind them by the beginning of turn 6. I won as I had killed a bunched up combat squad with 2 Warp Blast hits.

So an overall

for me. 3/0!

Even better my team had done really well and we all won our third games (and my friend got Best Painted) so ended up with 7 Wins/ 2 Draws/ 2 Loses. We ended up scoring 50 points without counting the quiz points. We never go told the results but we calculated them and the max without the quiz was 60 so I really hope we get to the National Finals!

Game on!


  1. Well done. At least you seem to have managed to have some fun despise the terrible army lists/opponents.

  2. Grats dude, really well done!

  3. Good attitude; teaching and waxing as needed. Help the new (cool) guys win/do well now and then in friendly play so they don't get discouraged though =)

  4. Great result.

    I wish I had that store as my local GW :)


  5. It's not. It's a 1h30m drive away in good traffic. My local GW is the size of my bedroom (which is tiny) with only 2 tables (1.5 of which are DEDICATED to the introduction games) and has no wall room as it is filled with shelves.

    It sucks.


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