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Friday, 18 February 2011

Eldar Wasp Assault Walker

So Forgeworld is gearing up for the release of Imperial Armour 11 with a flurry of new Eldar units; first the Hornet, then the Shadow Spectres and Warp Hunter and now the Wasp Walker. It is all very exciting.

Now to the Wasp Assault Walker. I was never a fan of the normal War Walkers as they are just too slow amongst my Saim-Hann (although scouts helps) but respected their immense firepower. The idea of a faster, yet still as lethal walker is brilliant and very scary.

The rules are interesting as you are basically paying 15 points to make a War Walker non-open-topped, able to deep-strike and have an interesting jet pack move at the expense of scouts. A good trade I think as all of the options are still there and all the weapons are still as powerful, 8 S6 shots anyone? Deep-striking and jet packs make this vehicle really useful as it can keep up with all the fast skimmers while also bringing plenty of extra firepower which is not susceptible to anti-infantry guns. The jets make it an excellent objective contester as they can pin-point drop beside an opponents objective then assault any infantry their giving them a 30" threat contest range. That's epic! The only downside is it cannot claim even though it is a Troops selection.

The model is pretty decent but not much different to a War Walker, just jets and a larger cockpit window. This means it will be easy to convert, especially from Star engines from Fire Prisms.....

Overall I cannot wait to see this unit in IA11 as it can bring masses of shots for little points that are still mobile and survivable.


  1. The regular war walkers aren't open topped anyway but those 15 points still seem like a worthwile investment for the wasp over the war walker.

    The ability to leap behind a wave serpent and blast away a transport next turn so that a unit of banshees or whoever can assault the contents could be devastating in the right hands. Or maybe let fire dragons take down the vehicle and blast the troops with 6 scatter lasers.

  2. Yes you are right, War Walkers aren't open-topped but for some reason I thought they were.

    And yes there are many new and devious tactics that these walkers open up. Even just simply deep-striking behind a vehicle with 2 missile launchers each. With S5 they can even damage vehicles in the assault....

  3. You seem to have forgotten that they are BS4, which immediately makes them 17% more effective at shooting than War Walkers.

  4. D'oh!

    How did I miss that! BS4 makes them so much more threatening than War Walkers, I would pay 15 points just for that!

    Well spotted, I need to stop posting late at night.

  5. As I recall, it is only Corsair Wasps that have the increased BS, but don't come at the points premium.

  6. Err, that is, Craftworld Wasps do not incur the pointcost premium.


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