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This is a small blog about my Warhammer 40,000 hobby. I will try to concentrate on the tactics behind the general game and my Xenos armies but there will be the odd post about random stuff.

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Xenos and Proud is an 18 year old from Scotland who has been playing 40K for the last 4 years. He loves the 'under-dog' xenos armies, namely his Tyranid Gorgon splinter fleet, his Saim-Hann windrider host, his Tau Vleastean Hunter-cadre and the newest addition, the Shadowfax Corsairs. Although his tactics are mostly 'borrowed', his painting skills still 'developing' and his luck becoming evermore 'ridiculous' he continues to play, paint and roll in the hope that one day things will get better.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Live from Warhammer World....

Hello everyone,

It is the final of the Schools League and my friends and I are having an epic time in this brilliant place.

Anyway, we have played two games so far with one more after lunch yet to come so here is a quick update with what has happened.

We are currently 6th in the rankings! I have won all my games but my team has sadly not. We are still in the running for winners but it will require the whole team to win...

Also, as the only Scottish team we arrived dressed in battle uniform. Kilts! Many people have been taken aback but it is an amazing place and really fun, a great time to remember.

I highly suggest people visit Warhammer World at least once as it is really cool and enjoyable. I'll post the results as soon I as get them.

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  1. Good luck for this afternoon. I hope the rest of the team can keep up.


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