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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Schools League: Final Preparations

So with the finals of Schools League less than a week away my friends and I have been furiously inventing imaginary lists to pit our current army lists against to try and iron out the kinks in them and so far it has been very productive!

Ko'vash has been undecided as to whether to take his Tau which failed him at the previous events but are, in my opinion, a very strong army or his untested Salamanders. My other friend has had a change of heart also and is taking his Imperial Guard as he has just discovered the brilliance of Veteran Chimeras and Leman Russes. His IG list so far is the only one which has beaten by Tyranids so I have made very little changes to my army. It is more the tactics and strategy I am trying to work out at the moment as this army takes some finesse to win.

HQ - Tervigon, Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands, Catalyst, Cluster Spines - 195
Troops - Tervigon, Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands, Catalyst, Cluster Spines - 195
- 11 Devilgaunts -110
Elites - 2 Hive Guard - 100
= 600

This list varies only slightly from my previous ones mainly in the fact I have chosen Hive Guard over Zoanthropes. I did this because I felt that the reliability of the Hive Guard was more important and the range and LoS ignoring feature was also too valuable to miss up on. Also now with 2 Tervigons I do not need the extra synapse. Plus it means I have 16 T6 wounds which I think many people will have a hard time dealing with.

Next the Stinger Spines on the Tervigons have been replaced with Cluster Spines as in the Tournament semi-finals I would have preferred them every game. Both Tervigons now have Toxin Sacs and Adrenal Glands too so I don't need to worry about that confusion anymore.

Now for strategy.... It will mostly be dependent on my opponents army and terrain but the general idea will be to target early threats with the Hive Guard, create walls of gaunts with the Tervigons and shoot things dead with the Devilgaunts. I am fairly secure on objectives having so many troops and spawned gaunts with the only worrying mission being kill-points.

All I can do now is pray to the dice gods....

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