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This is a small blog about my Warhammer 40,000 hobby. I will try to concentrate on the tactics behind the general game and my Xenos armies but there will be the odd post about random stuff.

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Xenos and Proud is an 18 year old from Scotland who has been playing 40K for the last 4 years. He loves the 'under-dog' xenos armies, namely his Tyranid Gorgon splinter fleet, his Saim-Hann windrider host, his Tau Vleastean Hunter-cadre and the newest addition, the Shadowfax Corsairs. Although his tactics are mostly 'borrowed', his painting skills still 'developing' and his luck becoming evermore 'ridiculous' he continues to play, paint and roll in the hope that one day things will get better.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Hi to Everyone

Hi fellow Bloggers.

This is just a short introduction to my Blog and myself. Most things posted here will be 40K xenos related with most of the posts being battle reports, (hopefully) useful tactics and my recent painting and converting. There may be other random stuff thrown in but it all adds character so what the hay.

Now about me. There's not much to know. I am 15 and live in Scotland with an unhealthy obsession with 40K. I collect Eldar and Tyranids with Tau in the foreseeable future and enjoy the tactics behind 40K the most exciting part but also love nicely painted models. I will try to post as much as I can but thats obviously not possible so don't expect 10 posts a day.

Lastly I would like to thank Old Shatter Hands at Tau of War for sparking an interest in Tau and Fritz at Way of Saim-Hann for showing me the way in jetbike tactics. And finally a thank you to everyone at the Tyranid Hive for helping me control my horde of Tyranids and making them into an unstoppable super predator.

Singing out, Luckless

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  1. Great blog mate, awesome terrain. I hope to see more in the future.


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