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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Infested Bastion (Almost Done)

Hi guys and gals,

Here's just a quick update on my first bastion that I should in its first stages yesterday.

Here's the pictures:

Overview pic. Looks normal.

But I've added a hill to the back....
....with a tunnel and some claws and talons
And lastly here's a gargoyle trying to furiously trying to escape.
I love converting terrain like this. Having tons of spare bits helps but knowing how to find them is even more important. I managed to save one of the lower quarter piece that has been replaced by the hill so I can use that for another terrain piece.

I got the idea of the escaping gargoyle from the Tyranid Codex entry about the gargoyles which says that gargoyles are driven by the Hive Mind into the bastions, their slim bodies are perfect for fitting through tiny gaps and crevices. Then the Hive Mind releases the gargoyle from it's grip making it go completely berserk as it tries to get to the open skies. Needless to say being in the same room as a crazy gargoyle is not a good idea.

The hill was made from some thick polystyrene that was cut to fit (see yesterdays post) then, rather unexpectedly it dissolved when I sprayed it black. Initially I was horrified but now I rather like the dissolved and cracked look.

It's not entirely finished. The bastion needs to be washed in Devlin Mud and have the details picked out but you get the overall effect of the terrain piece.

So as always, what are you're thoughts and opinions?

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