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Monday, 20 September 2010

Friendly Competition Battle Report

Hello everyone,

On Sunday my friends and I played a little friendly competition at just 1500 points. No fancy rules or what-not but we did use the ultimate random mission table from the battle missions book to get totally random missions from either the core rule book or the battle missions book. We played 2 games each so 3 games played in total.

This is going to be a battle report but it will be quite long (and I can't write it all at once) so I will split it into 4 parts,

- Deployment, Army Composition and Turn 1
- Turn 2 and Turn 3
- Turn 4 and Turn 5
- What I can remember of my two games

and spread it over a few days.

So what follows today is Deployment, Army Composition and Turn 1.

My friend Eye of Vulcan was using his Salamanders:

- Captain with relic blade
- 2 x 10 Tactical marines (one combat squaded down)
- 5 Vanguard with 2 plasma pistols
- 5 Terminators
- 2 x 5 Devestators with 4 missles then 2 plasma cannons and 2 lascannons
- Ironclad dreadnought with 2 heavy flamers and 2 hunter-killers
- 5 Scouts

And my other friend Ko'vash was using his Tau:

- Shas'O with cyclic ion blaster, air bursting frag projector, shield generator and 2 shield drones
- 3 Deathrain suits with 2 Shield drones and a Shas'vre
- 2 x 12 Fire Warriors with Devilfish with disruption pods
- 2 x Hammerheads with railguns and disruption pods and multi-trackers
- 17 kroot and shaper
- 3 stealthsuits with targeting arrays, 2 marker drones and a markerlight

We played 2 games each, 3 in total, but I only have a detailed battle report on the game between my two friends as when I was playing I was too busy actually playing to make any notes. So here's the battle report:

I rolled for mission and got a random battle mission on the chart which turned out to be a Chaos Marines mission; Scorched Earth. EoV won the roll off and chose to be the Chaos player so deployed first and got first turn on a 2+.

There were 4 objectives set up like seize ground and each terrain piece was rolled for on a chart with 1 - 3 making them dangerous and 4 - 6 making them give +1 to cover saves. In addition each terrain piece blocks all LoS taken through them even if you could normally target through them.

The deployment was basically spearhead but 9'' from the center not 12''.

Here's EoV's deployment. The scouts are in the bastion.

Assault marines are behind the bastion.
Devastators and a combat squad are in/around the building.
Terminators and Tac squads with captain are infront. 

Ko'vash's deployment.

Ko'vash will try to 'circle the wagon' as per OSH's tactics.
The fire warriors are safe in their devilfishes on the flanks.

Kroot Infiltrate behind enemy lines and stealth teams take up firing lines.

First turn went to EoV who immediately rushed forward, trying to get to grips with the Tau ASAP. Trying to deal with the kroot threat he moved his Ironclad towards them who couldn't harm it in CC.

He shot the stealth team with a combat squad with a plasma gun which kills a stealth suit but also manages to blow himself up. Hehe.

Apart from some running movements nothing else happened. Onto.....

Ko'vesh's turn one started with the kroot moving out of cover towards the assault marines but are dangerously close to the Ironclad.

The devilfish on the left of the deployment photo moves up behind the stealth suits building. He also moves the hammerheads to get some better shots of and moves the crisis suits to engage the terminators.

The kroot rapid fire against the vanguard who lose a plasma pistol man. The kroot start to get awfully scared at this point with the Dreadnought looming over but the hammerhead fixes that with a long shot which immobilizes the dread.

The crisis suits get very lucky as they shoot at the terminators with the missile pods and kill 2 of them out of 4 wounds caused. Not only that but they then flee. Very unlucky on EoV's part.

The stealth suits fire on the combat squad and hit on a 2+ thanks to markerlights killing 2 and causing them to flee as well! However they only run 2'' so stay on the board.

The second hammerhead takes aim on the large tac squad and blasts them with a sub-munition killing 2.

The first turn ends with the crisis suits making their jetpack move behind hammerheads or cover.

Next time, Turn 2 and 3. 

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