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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Some more Eldar Fluff

Right so today I was working on some more fluff for my Eldar army. I decided to incorporate my Tyranids thinking that the region of space I talked about in my previous post was being overrun by the Great Devourer. To incorporate my friends Tau army I can say the Tau are also attempting to expand into the region. This means I can make some fluff for every battle me and my friends fight.

So here it is:

The Great Infestation

Tall alien trees reached to a pair of twin suns in the alien sky of Hturasa shadowing the hyperactive flora below in streaks of orange light. A clearing in the trees above revealed a large oasis filled with exotic purple plants and dark tentacles glided silently through the water. 

Hidden amongst the dense foliage near the edge of the oasis Farseer Jasuliath breathed deeply; the cold crisp morning air filled his lungs with dread. His heightened sense of smell detected the faint trace of the new alien infestation. He glanced to his left and almost unnoticeably nodded to his cousin, High Warlock Parculiath, to confirm his runic forecast. 

Turning back to look at the silent oasis Jasuliath mentally activated his jetbike. His loyal cousins followed in unison filling the nearby air with the quiet purring of their elegant craft.

Suddenly the nearby flora shivered. The oasis rippled. The treetops shuddered. The jetbikes’ motion trackers burst into life, overwhelmed by the sudden flurry of activity. Jasuliath cursed silently and quickly pushed his jetbike into the clearing, his gracious warriors instinctively followed. 

As he swiftly pulled out of the shadows a vicious pack of hormagaunts leaped out of the undergrowth and swung manically at the guardian jetbikes. The gaunts quickly overwhelmed their nearest victim, Rifiban, dragging him down in a cloud of smoke. The rest of the skilful warriors dodged the attack and quickly zoomed out of the tree line away from the enraged hormagaunts.

The warriors quickly regained their composure and moved into formation above the oasis, Jasuliath studied the treetops for tyranids. The large alien leaves above them shifted then broke apart violently as a group of five shrikes burst out of cover. 

The terrifying creatures were twice the height of even the tallest Eldar and had boneswords that crackled with alien energies. Jasuliath ordered his warriors to open fire upon the screeching beasts. Three of the shrikes were cut down in a hail of shuriken fire and fell screaming into the murky oasis below. 

The Farseer himself threw his trusty Singing Spear, guiding it with his mind, the powerful weapon swirled in a graceful arc before striking another of the shrikes and cutting clean through its bulky wings. The shrike furiously tried to stay airborne but as Jasuliath caught his spear the doomed creature fell towards the dark waters below.

But no sooner had the Farseer caught his spear than the angry shrike set upon his group of brave warriors. It latched onto the front of Canafin’s jetbike with its hooves and swung its deadly weapons at the Canafin. The swift guardian narrowly avoided the flailing boneswords, ducking and weaving upon his mount before fluidly pulling out his shuriken pistol from its holster and, timing it perfectly, fired it at the beast’s hooves and revved his engines. 

With the blinding speed on an Eldar possesses High Warlock Parculiath quickly went to the guardians aid, unleashing a wave of psychic flames upon the shrike which then let go of the Canafin’s jetbike and fell to the oasis below, its wings charred and useless.

The warriors regrouped while Jasuliath muttered a spell and arcane runes sprung to life around him, orbiting him like planets round a sun. The Farseer quickly studied the runes orbiting around him. He waved at one of the symbols which then moved to a different group and changed to a dark red. The Farseer mouthed a silent curse and the runes evaporated. Alarmed with this foreknowledge he quickly warned his fellow warriors and banked sharply upwards, racing towards the sky.

The guardians followed him closely, Parculiath racing by his side. Suddenly a giant trygon burst from the oasis. Water and alien water creatures along with it were thrown high into the air, shaking the guardians in their seats. The trygon snapped its mighty jaws with a tremendous snap where the Eldar warriors were only moments before. The jetbikes accelerated faster into the air away from the snarling trygon and quickly crested the treetops.

Jasuliath levelled out his flight, his warriors following his every move and then looked down upon the gigantic trygon. He stared into its large, dark, animalistic eyes and shivered. He called upon his psychic powers, ready to wipe the alien from existence but instead was hit by a thunderbolt of psychic energy. He rocked violently in his seat, almost falling from his jetbike and into the jaws of the beast. His warriors looked at him, concerned for their leader, not realising he was locked a mental battle with the beast.

In his mind the Farseer fought with the trygon, unable to pull himself away. He stared into its cold eyes and saw what he had always dreaded. 

He saw the alien cunning that controlled each and every tyranid. 
He saw the ever hungry beast that lay beyond the galaxy. 
He saw the Great Devourer and knew.

He knew this planet was doomed.

So again any thoughts?  


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