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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

My Eldar Army Fluff

Here is the beginnings to my fluff for my eldar Saim-Hann army. Pics will come when I finish painting them or when I make some tutorials.

Fury of the Eclipsed Star

As part of one of the greatest Wild Rider clans of the Saim-Hann craftworld, the Fury of the Eclipsed Star is expected to be in a constant state of readiness and to be able to combat any foe, be it Imperial or alien. They are a very mobile yet hard hitting force lead by none other than Farseer Jasuliath, the second successor to the position of Chieftain within the clan and is one of the most skilled Farseers in the Craftworld.

 As such Jasuliath has access to many great weapons and units of the clan but instead chooses to be surrounded by his closest family and friends in battle, trusting them to support him and complete their objectives without question or delay. This results in a very close-knit strike force where even a single loss is unacceptable and mourned and sung about for years to come. Hence, even during the whirling tides of battle, Jasuliath will read the runes of fate and warn his comrades of any impeding danger or target of opportunity. Jasuliath is powerful enough to not only read the threads of fate in battle but he is also able to unleash his mighty psychic powers with pinpoint accuracy and skill, flipping battle tanks and destroying the minds of enemy leaders and sergeants. The warriors of the ‘Fury of the Eclipsed Star’ are further protected by their powerful jetbikes and sleek grav-tanks which both protect their crew and pilots from the onslaught of enemy fire. For his own firepower Jasuliath makes extensive use of Eldar plasma technology, fitting all of his vipers with star cannons and also utilising the destructive power of the Fire Prism cannon.

Due to their unbelievable psychic power and their deadly plasma weapons and extensive protective shielding the ‘Fury of the Eclipsed Star’ has become legend throughout the region of Imperial Space they regularly attack. They are distinctively feared among the small and unprotected agri-worlds due to their lightning fast raids which mean the worlds are unable to call upon help before Jasuliath’s army has completed its objective and disappeared back into the webway. This has forced the Imperium to make decisive counter-measures to help these lone worlds by sending a company of the Salamanders which can rapidly deploy to any planet in the region. Backed up by the local Imperial Guard this has proved an effective counter to the Eldar raids which have grown in complexity, size and importance over the recent years. This has lead to many battles between the Salamanders and ‘Fury of the Eclipsed Star’ but the bloodiest battles are still to come........  


Formation Name
Formation Members

‘The Guiding Star’
Farseer Jasuliath Thirusan, Farseer of the ‘Fury of The Eclipsed Star’ – Farseer Jasuliath Thirusan          

‘Riders of the Solar Storm’
Twelve Cousins of Jasuliath Thirusan led by Warlock Parculiath (Jasuliath’s Blood Brother) – Revila – Andarana – Uginra – Firilat – Lanulath – Pasucrath – Habitha – Rifiban – Quevad – Canafin – Banirila – Iristha

‘Defendants of Fury’
Three Blood Brothers of the Harala Family – Quobhra – Bheoris – Grohnanill

‘Flare of the Stars’
Three Vypers crewed by Six Siblings of the Harala Family – Thrusada – Clabas – Dirana – Dinire – Kabaris – Kanarith

‘Beam of Vengeance’
Three Vypers crewed by Six Siblings of the Thirusan Family – Ranath – Rapaca – Ecaulith – Euorith – Fathiris – Fahanra

‘Threads of Fate’
One Night Spinner crewed by Two Blood Brothers of the Saruti Family – Fathuca – Fenutca

‘The Twilight Jewel’
One Fire Prism crewed by Two Blood Brothers of the Tabirili Family – Tavupa – Taramad

‘Fury of the Crystal Moon’
One Fire Prism crewed by Two Blood Sisters of the Monsurith Family – Myannac – Marithac

What do you think? Both my regular opponents play Salamanders and one plays Guard so that fits but what about the idea. Have I missed something?

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