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Sunday, 26 September 2010

'Unbeatable' Tyranid 1500

I'm not making any wild claims about having made the first properly unbeatable army list ever because that's impossible with the dice and variable terrain and commander skill etc......

But my friends are having a very hard time beating this particular list now that I have perfected its use and tactics. I'm not sure why they find it un-killable but I have managed to win games even when I forget an entire unit (or two).

I want to think it's my own tactical brilliance but I am more sure it is my friends inability to destroy it due to their army composition and/or tactics. It has gotten to the point that they refuse to accept that it is actually beatable even when I show them the weaknesses.

Here it is:


Hive Tyrant
Stranglethorn Cannon
Armoured Shell
Old Adversary
Hive Commander
Leech Essence


3 Zoanthropes

2 Venomthropes

3 Hive Guard


Toxin Sacs
Adrenal Glands

16 Devilgaunts

11 Termagaunts

Fast Attack

4 Raveners
Rending Claws

3 Shrikes
3 Lash Whip and Boneswords
3 Scything Talons
Toxin Sacs

To give you a little idea of my tactics here's some of my usual tricks.

- The Tervigon can onslaught the zoans and pop tanks 30'' away with 3 S10 AP1 lances.

- The Shrikes either move or deepstrike into cover with threat range of the enemy then when shot at go to ground and become an immovable instant death threat which is really difficult to shift with shooting. Distracting the enemy from my main core.

- The Hive Tyrant, Tervigon and venomthropes form an immovable core surrounded by gaunts which all have a 5+ cover, defensive grenades, preferred enemy, counter attack, toxin sacs, furious charge and are spawned by the Tervigon for free. The venomthropes can go to ground and get a 3+ cover.

- Devilgaunts outflank and pump 48 shots into anything that needs to die.

So do you think it is unbeatable?
How would you beat it with your standard 1500?
How would you make it better?

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  1. I'd guess your opponents are forgeting their own army strengths when they see the varity of threats you're presenting them. The Tervigon would be my prime target in that list, you don't want them pooping out units every turn. I'd then work on the synapse nearest to the gaunts and then thin them out too.


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