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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Battle Report Conclusion

So Ko'vash let victory slip from his grasp and the game ended in a draw. With the help of EoV of course.

So where did Ko'vash go wrong and where did EoV go right? It all happened between turns 2 and 4.

The first dramatic event was when EoV neutralized both hammerheads by blowing one up and destroying the railgun on the other. This meant the bastion was safe as Ko'vash had no other weaponry that could even scratch it. So instead of killing it he contested it with the kroot. The kroot weren't going to move and any effort to get them off would still result in a contested objective. So that took the game down to 3 objectives.

These kroot.

The next big game-changer was when Ko'vash fish of furied the small combat squad threatening the objective beside the stealthsuits. That eliminated the threat and when EoV failed to kill the fire warriors when out of their devilfish it meant Ko'vash firmly had that objective. Advantage Ko'vash. 2 objectives left to play for.

Nothings going to hurt these guys.
This turned the game to Ko'vash's favor. EoV at this point was pushing down on the other Tau objective with his captain, lone terminator, lone vanguard and half a tactical squad. The vanguard failed miserably against the crisis suits but the terminator eventually held them up. The captain ended up contesting the objective on his own which Ko'vash admitted was his greatest mistake by letting him through as the tacs never got into contest range so he says he should have ignored them and concentrated on blocking and holding off the captain.

It ended up being a huge brawl with the objective being contested.
The best way Ko'vash could have done this was by assaulting the captain turn 3 and holding him up away from the objective not the other way around. Oh well, live and learn.

The last objective had always been in EoV's hands but if Ko'vash even just contested it he would win. This was where the empty hammerhead with no guns left came into play. Ko'vash planed on contesting with a tank shock but it was a big risk as the devastators were protecting this objective. However it all worked but the only thing which went wrong was that the objective was just 0.3'' too far. Almost unnoticeable.

Tough luck.
So that's what went wrong. It all came down to one bad decision and a little bit of bad luck.

Better luck next time.

So how did people like that battle report? Good? Bad? OK? Please comment.

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