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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Missed the bell: Forgeworld Hornet

My studies have kept me back too long, this came out weeks ago but I didn't get round to talk about it. Stupid exams. Anyway, the Hornet is a new Forgeworld Eldar tank with some awsome new experimental rules which in typical Eldar tank fashion is overcosted, under armoured, is a lousy BS3 and to work needs to be spammed or included in a mech heavy army.

Also the model is only decent, not amazing, which is what you would want for £32! It looks like a lobster. 
I hate the circled things. What are they?!
So why would you want to take one? Well firstly, it is leagues ahead of the Vyper. Lets compare:
  • It is armour 11-11-10 and NOT open-topped, so it can't be ripped apart by bolters! This is definitely the most important thing as it means your opponent has to sacrifice firepower that could be better used against your Fire Prisms, Wave Serpents and Falcons. It effectively nullifies all of your opponents anti-infantry which is the biggest strength in a mech army.  
  • It can still come in squadrens but each has 2 guns so you can fit in more firepower if you want to max out. However the 2 guns can only be fired if you moved 6" (unless your using S4> guns, but why would you??)
  • It has Scouts so can get into position early for side or rear shots on turn 1 as you can turbo-boost. Also lets you outflank if you want.
  • It has Star Engines basic so can keep up with the other tanks if you are full mech and also means it can be a great mobile wall.
  • It can take every Eldar heavy weapon including Pulse Lasers! So great variety. 
And all these advantages for only 10 extra points! Great!

It does seem to just be a cross between the War Walkers and Vypers with a bit of extra speed thrown in and seems to just have been thrown together at the last minute. Here's some different (and better) rules thought up by another blogger that I found : Click for awesome rules

Overall they are worth it if you are taking Vypers anyway but are they worth the £32 and 55 points?

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