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Monday, 22 November 2010

More Eldar Tweaking

After a few more games there are some more things I have realised about my Eldar list. It is that they cannot deal out enough wounds on a target, especially one in cover.

The main problem here I think is the Star Cannon Vypers. They are excellent at slaughtering marines out of cover but my opponents now that too. Thats why they never get clear shots at anything or what they're shooting at is in terrain (devestators). Also against my Tyranids they fare badly at killing even 20+ gaunts so I need more shots. So I am thinking the way to go now is Scatter Lasers.

Is Laser better than Plasma?

Lets count up the points for the Scatter Lasers:

  • They have a 36" range.
  • Have 4 shots not 2.
  • Are better against tanks, more shots = more penetrates.
  • Are slightly better against marines in cover (1 Vyper kills 1/2 a marine compared to 5/12 a marine).
  • Have more shots to kill gaunts, orks, other Eldar. Also would you want to waste a Star Cannon on an ork?
  • It goes better with the shuriken catapults it gets also.
  • They are 10 points cheaper so I can fit in some upgrades or something (Warlocks for the small bike squads).
Now the Star Cannon:
  • They also have a 36" range.
  • They kill Terminators and marines out of cover better (1 Vyper kills 5/9 Terminators compared to 5/18 from a Laser)
  • Ignore Feel No Pain.
So not many points there for the Star Cannons, however they are very good points as ignoring FnP is a big help. But I have to consider that my Fire Prisms also provide AP2 so do I need more or are the points better spent on Scatter Lasers? 

I think I will proxy the Lasers for a few games to see how they fare but I think it will end up with me never deciding which is better and eventually ordering spare parts so I can swap weapons every game.

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  1. How about having two units with lasers and one with cannons. You may find your cannons surviving less but it may give you that little bit more flexibility.


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