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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Eldar Fault-Finding

Hey everybody, this is the 50th post! Unbelievable.

Here are some stats:

  • 2,340 Pageviews
  • Views from dozens of countries, in order, UK, USA, Canada, Finland, Australia, France, Ireland, Germany, Ukraine, South Korea, etc, etc.....

Anyway, after much thinking, muling over, the 2 games on Monday and 2 games against myself I have found a few faults in my current Eldar list. First the faults then the possible solutions.

  • Firstly, the Nightspinner, though fun, does nothing, literally nothing, so it has to go.
  • Next, I don't have enough anti-tank ability, ranged or combat, so this has to be addressed. The Fire Prisms are only one shot and usually better served taking out infantry. I only have 2 Witchblades which against fast targets are very ineffective.
  • The Farseer and Fire Prisms are too expensive for what they do. So I can get some more points by cutting them to size.
Now the solutions:
  • To solve the anti-tank here come the Fire Dragons, in a Wave Serpent. They will definitely help and in the games against my Nids they mowed down Hive Tyrants and Raveners (doubling them out).
  • I'm taking Eldritch Storm and Guide off of the Farseer to get points, plus I rarely use them.
  • Also the Fire Prisms only have Holo-Fields as they want to be shooting not moving crazy fast.  
So here's a revised list taking all of this into account:

 Runes of Witnessing 
 Runes of Warding 
 Spirit Stones 
 Doom Fortune 
 Singing Spear

5 Fire Dragons 
 Wave Serpent 
 Twin-Linked Shuriken Cannon 
 Star Engines 
 Spirit Stones  
6 Guardian Jetbikes 
 2 Shuriken Cannons 

4 Guardian Jetbikes 
 1 Shuriken Cannon 

4 Guardian Jetbikes 
 1 Shuriken Cannon  

Fast Attack
2 Vypers
 Star Cannons

2 Vypers
 Star Cannons

2 Vypers
 Star Cannons

Heavy Support
Fire Prism

Fire Prism

Total = 1499      

I'll give this list a shot and report back ASAP.


  1. Congratulations on having such a successful first fifty posts, I look forward to seeing lots more. Best of luck to you with the revised Eldar list!

  2. Congratulations!
    I like the revised list -- let us know how it works out. I think I'd have trouble against it with my chaos and daemons force.


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