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Friday, 17 December 2010

Fluff Friday: Mephiston

Today I am going to talk about Mephiston and his extremely odd background. Although his rules are quite amazing and his stats extremely strange for an infantry Space Marine, even a character, his background explains it all even if it is weird too. 

The basics of it for those who don't is that Mephiston was once a Librarian until he was overtaken by the Black Rage and put amongst the Death Company for his glorious death in madness like all those before him. However when at the front of an assault in an Imperial city he was buried underneath a collapsed building and stuck fast. Even in his rage he was unable to move and had to endure a week of insanity before he overcame the Black Rage. He burst from the rubble as Mephiston, transformed into a monster of incredible strength, psychic ability and toughness. Typical of a Space Marine he then butchered a couple hundred Orks and now appears where he is needed most.

Now that's some weird fluff. Trapped under a building until he turned into a complete close combat beast. I couldn't imagine a more 10 year old invented story.

But imagine if the Blood Angels managed to make all of their Death Company into Mephistons by making them endure and overcome their Black Rage. Armies of Mephistons. 
That would be scary. 

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  1. Ah but you are missing some key details.

    First he wasn't any old librarian. For if you check the name before he changed it to Mephiston you'll see that he was the Terminator Librarian from Space Hulk!

    And he became the close combat monster for a very key reason.. you see if you compare his stat-line with a fantasy vampire from the same era as when he was first released you'll see that he has the statline of a Vampire Lord.

    It's no coincidence that his armour was sculpted resembling that of the Coppola Dracula film! Or that the pic of him in Angels Of Death Codex has a full moon and bats in the background....


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