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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Further Tau List Tweaking

I have again changed my mind. Sorry about the erratic-ness but I will eventually find any army list which suits me and I think I may have found the skeleton of it.

Lesson 12: Always include a funny photo....
Contradictory to what I was saying yesterday I have decided to go entirely foot-slogging. No tanks what-so-ever as if I included one or two they would be mowed down in seconds. However as I have so frequently been fretting about is all those missile launchers and lascannons will now be turned on my crisis suits and broadsides. I think they can survive it if I keep to cover and learn to use JSJ effectively. It was always going to be a learning experience anyway.


Shas'el Fal'shia Taal Doran'sha'is 
 Twin-Linked Plasma Rifle 
 Positional Relay 
= 95 

2 Shas'vre Crisis Suits 
 Twin-Linked Plasma Rifles 
 Targeting Arrays 
= 245 


3 Shas'ui Crisis Suits 
 Twin-Linked Missile Pod 
= 141

3 Shas'ui Crisis Suits 
 Plasma Rifles 
 Missile Pods 
= 186 


8 Fire Warriors 80 

8 Fire Warriors 80 

8 Fire Warriors 80 

Fast Attack 

5 Gun Drones 60 

5 Gun Drones 60 

5 Gun Drones 60 

Heavy Support 

2 Broadsides 
 Targeting Arrays 
 Team Leader 
 Bonding Knife 
 Hard-Wired Target Lock 
 2 Shield Drones 30
= 205 

3 Sniper Drone Teams 240

Total = 1437

So with some points to spare what can I do with them? I thought of adding drones to the crisis suits so they can 'take one for the team' but I am not sure as there are other options. I could just add more drones to the drone squads or even add more weapons or systems to the command team or add team leaders to the Shas'uis.

What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. Looks good, use your drones to screen the enemy and to grant cover saves to those behind. With the leftover points, I'd suggest getting drones on your xv8 teams. That really makes those lascannons worth less when you just assign the hits to 10 point gun drones.


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