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Monday, 17 January 2011

My Own Experimental XV7 Mobisuit Rules

I have decided that my Tau army which I am in the process of developing will be my fluff army with lots of cool, pointless units and if my opponents let me a few units of my own. The first of these 'experimental' rules are the for my own battlesuit varient, the XV7 Mobisuits.

XV7 Series Mobisuits
As enemy armies begin to more heavily rely on fast tanks and transported troops, the Tau have had to adapt. The newest of the Fio Caste’s suit technology, the XV7 mobisuits, have been developed to face the quick-changing pace of modern battle. They meet these demands by incorporating advanced thrusters packs; lighter, iridium plate shielding; dynamic targeting and sensory equipment and the still powerful weapons of more traditional XV8 Crisis suits.

All of the current XV7 mobisuits are still in development stages but are predicted to soon be deployed in the most agile of combat zones.

Special Rules:
The XV7s have all the same rules as the XV8s and a few additional special rules described here:

-          Option – The XV7 Battlesuit is a free option to any Crisis suit which swaps their XV8 Crisis suit with an XV7 Mobisuit.
-          Advanced Thrusters – Due to their enhanced mobility and smaller size, VX7s are easier to manoeuvre in confined spaces. They may always reroll failed dangerous terrain tests and when making a run move they roll 3D6 and choose the highest result. They may also make their usual assault phase jetpack move after deepstriking.
-          Reduced Power Capacity – Due to the small size of the battlesuit their power capacity is limited and can only sustain a couple of systems. An XV7 may only ever have two weapon/support systems but can still use hard-wired systems. This may be a single twin-linked weapon, two separate weapons, a weapon and a support system or two support systems.
-          Transport – XV7s can only be transported by vehicles capable of transporting XV8s although they only take up the space of 3 Fire Warriors.

So what do you think?

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