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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Schools League Decisons

With only 1 week to go until Schools League I am still undecided on what to take.

On one hand I want to take my Eldar as they are fast, have a lot of S6 shooting and are my best painted army. I would take the following list for Eldar;

HQ - Farseer, Jetbike RoWit, Guide, Singing Spear - 118
Troops - 3 Jetbikes, Shuriken Cannon - 76
Troops - 4 Jetbikes, Shuriken Cannon - 98
Troops - 4 Jetbikes, Shuriken Cannon - 98
Fast Attack - 3 Vypers, Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannons - 210

Total = 600

The idea would be to just pummel the enemy with hundreds of S6 shots mainly from the Vypers being guided by the Farseer (21, S6. BS3. reroll to hit shots!). It is highly mobile but has no AP4 or less shooting and no gun higher than S6. I have also not won any of my practice games with this.

The other option is to take my Tyranids. I have not practised much with this list but it seems pretty solid. It has plenty of Gaunts but has some hard-hitting units to deal with more specialised targets.

HQ- Tervigon, Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands, Catalyst - 195
Troops - 18 Termagaunts - 90
Troops - 18 Termagaunts - 90
Elites - 1 Zoanthropes - 60
Fast Attack - 3 Shrikes, Bonesword/Lash Whip, Scything Talons, Toxin Sacs - 165

Now this list has many problems I can see, namely the lone Zoanthrope for easy killpoints and it is the only thing to take out tanks at range. The Shrikes are fragile but hit like a ton of bricks and also provide valuable synapse. The Tervigon beefs up the Gaunts and makes them killing machines but again gives away lots of killpoints in small Gaunt squads.

I am really not sure what to take but I am leaning more towards the Eldar as I love the speed but it is really fragile and all of the main firepower is in 1 unit. But who could say no to all that S6 shooting? It would be able to kill transports, hordes and marines with equal ease.

However the Tyranids have durability and can easily hold objectives with that many Gaunts. It also has a better solution to tanks with the Zoanthrope and the Shrikes can massacre entire armies if the opponent doesn't know what they can do.

Decisions........ decisions........ decisions.....................


  1. What about taking the eldar but splitting the vypers up in 3 single vyper units. That way they're a little more durable. Could work.

  2. You can only take 1 fast attack unit. Plus they all benefit from Guide if I cast it on them which they wouldn't if I split them up.

    I really want to take Eldar but my Nids just stand a better chance..... hopefully....

  3. I find your blog more and more interesting...

    It is actually my mistake ;) - to overpower one unit :) In such a small force the autarch would be my choice with laser lance and a jetbike guardian retinue... i would go with a spear warlock in each of the remaining guardian squads for some armor busting - that way I have 3 contesting units with a hit and run possibility when shooting, and a "kick ass" HtH punch up that is a lot of S6 attacks in assault... with high initiative (you can go mandiblasters +1 attack or banshee mask for negation of grenades) I did not count the points but maybe you can pop out something in fast attack ;) - My choice would be a small warp spider unit... they are better than vipers! one warp spider has a save 3+ and two S6 shots with 3+ chance of hitting. I just hate vipers in this edition... If the terrain is right ;) (citifight would be the best one for you) you might pull of a strike and hide tactic... (but this is just a theory)

    3 x jetbike(shuriken cannon) with warlock + spear + embolden
    3 x jetbike(shuriken cannon) with warlock + spear + embolden
    3 x jetbike(shuriken cannon) with autarch laserlance mandiblasters
    4 x warpspider + exarch powerblades dual spinners
    601 points

    you can exchange the exarch for two warpspiders to go below 600 if you cannot exceed 600.. you can also play with the warlock powers (for example switch one warlock to a destructor dropping spear and one cannon :) - this would help agains swarm armies...

    The main punch delivers the autarch but every part of the army is capable to kill something and move fast.

  4. Thanks for the compliment Bonesinger. I try my best.

    I don't have any Warpspiders yet but I would love to try them out but I think in such a small point game they are too pricey. Also their minimum squad size is 5.

    An Autarch would be interesting and give me some CC punch but in such small games you need to concentrate on one aspect and do that as best you can so that your opponent will have to play your game. A farseer would provide better support and psychic defense plus I only have a Farseer model. However an Autarch can take a Fusion Gun to deal with tanks better....

    I will mull this over.......

  5. I think you can be right, I don't see myself as the perfect strategy master.

    The list I thought of was just based on a plain theory or actually an idea based on some games... I tried a lot of settings with the autarch and he actually ruled with the laser lance... Remember, that in my list you have 2 warlocks with spears 1 autarch with S6 lance in HTH hitting vehicles in the rear and a whole unit of warp spiders that can hit rear armor from deepstrike... you still have 3 shuriken cannons...
    in 600 points games I would not expect a land rider or monolith - or am I wrong? So you should be fine without the fusion gun - or am I wrong again?
    But, with the Fusion power you can instant someone T4 and the fusion gun is a cool thing.

    Once I blew up a hammerhead on his front armor risking a confrontation after deepstrike - with wings :) at the same time the spiders blew up a second one. I lost anyway... damn crysis suits and Tau commanders. My mate has just mastered jetpacks. Tau is very strong if it is in the right hands - that is my opinion...


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