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This is a small blog about my Warhammer 40,000 hobby. I will try to concentrate on the tactics behind the general game and my Xenos armies but there will be the odd post about random stuff.

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Xenos and Proud is an 18 year old from Scotland who has been playing 40K for the last 4 years. He loves the 'under-dog' xenos armies, namely his Tyranid Gorgon splinter fleet, his Saim-Hann windrider host, his Tau Vleastean Hunter-cadre and the newest addition, the Shadowfax Corsairs. Although his tactics are mostly 'borrowed', his painting skills still 'developing' and his luck becoming evermore 'ridiculous' he continues to play, paint and roll in the hope that one day things will get better.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Preparing for Schools League

 So I've finally decided on what to take to Schools League which is only 3 days away. It getting exciting. For my list, if there was any doubt, I am taking a swarmy tyranid list. So with that decided on Monday I then spent Tuesday night painting these:

79 Termagaunts in total, 50 of which I painted yesterday. I spent about 2 hours 30 minutes on them so was very sick of seeing Nids after that but I am proud of the results. I can't wait to see the look on my opponents face when I pull out all of these and slap them on the table. Also, here's the list I am taking;

- Toxin Sacs
- Adrenal Glands
= 180

30 Termagaunts
= 150

30 Termagaunts
= 150

2 Zoanthropes
= 120

Total = 600 spot on.

Th basic plan is to swamp the enemy with the gaunts, hoping that they don't have enough bullets to kill them all, while disabling the enemy tanks with the Zoanthropes. I thought of taking Hive Guard but thought that the Synapse was too important to lose. That and if some idiot brings a Land Raider I can still kill it.

I'll report my games and be sure to take plenty of pictures. Wish me luck! 


  1. Wow! That is a mammoth feat. nice quality too! Don't you just love looking back at what you did?

  2. It feels like a mammoth feat anyway.

    And yeah looking back always make me feel better, until I realise how much I have spent on it. All those gaunts are worth about £100!

    Also you seem to have not been doing bad yourself, I like the new suits. You paint really quickly but extremely well.

  3. Impressive feat, painting up all those in such a short time! Nice work.

  4. Your models look impressive. No way I could paint that many in 2.5 hours! Strange to not see Catalysis on your Tervigon?


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