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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Should I take Devilgaunts?

My most recent musings of Warhammer have been mainly about Devilgaunts and whether I should include them in my standard Tyranid list. For those who don't know 'Devilgaunts' are just Termagants with Devourers. Mostly I have been thinking of whether to replace my Termagaunts with Devils completely or go half and half.

I love their guns, they look so alien and dangerous.

The advantages of using Devils instead of regular gaunts is their 18" range assault 3 gun. This means that they can pump out a ton of damage and in my list, where I have included 40 of them, that's 120 shots! The range is also a great help as those extra 6" make a huge difference I have found as I can safely hit away from beyond rapid-fire range. If they do move up then to rapid-fire anyway then I just assault with them or the Shrikes. It's win-win.

However, this does come at a cost. Twice the cost actually of a regular gaunt which means that they only have half the wounds, half the attacks and half the bulk. But they are much more intimidating. In my current list my opponents just ignore my mass of normal Fleshborer Termagaunts and blast away at the Shrikes, Venomthropes or Tervigons. The slow speed of normal gaunts and the lack of ranged gun (12" is not a ranged gun) means my opponents have 2-3 turns before the gaunts become a threat. With Devils though that time becomes 1-2 turns depending on the situation. They will have to deal with them as they are a much larger threat too and can deal much more damage than the Termagaunts ever could.

But then this makes them more of a target and an expensive target at that! But this all comes back to my list supporting one another as my Venomthopes can provide protection from both shooting and assault and the Tervigons provide more bonuses for assault and Shrikes prove excellent counter-assault units.

Anyway, I can just spawn more Termagaunts if I ever need them......


  1. I like them in a pod for killing heavy weapon teams. Genestealers/Ymgarls may be more effective though...

  2. Couple of squads of devourer 'gants is never a bad thing, as long as it synergises with the rest of your list.
    The best thing about them is that a 10 strong brood tends to go overlooked during your opponents shooting phase, as there's usually more dangerous targets for him to deal with.

    Larger broods of devourer 'gants beg for torrenting or templates, since they quickly establish themselves as a menace with all those shots....people ain't gonna stand for getting shot like that, and will assault them, or do whatever it takes to stop the pain.

    Multiple small broods are less of a target priority, so I'd recommend keeping them small, but bringing several.

    Devourer 'gants are pretty much a unique entry in the Tyranid Codex- we don't have 'shooty' units like this, really. So they definitely have a place in a competitive list if you can find the points for them.


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