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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Recent Gaming Marathon

This weekend two of my friends came over who are both in my team for Schools League to practice. We ended up playing what must have been 12 games between us non-stop, throughout the night and into the morning, (whooh no sleep) which were 90% small practice games for Schools League.

A large portion of this time was spent testing my Tau friends (Ko'vash) new Eldar list which he is swapping in to use instead of his Tau which hadn't worked out for him the last two tournaments. As the resident Saim-Hann player I was instructing him how to use it properly and was also testing out some new lists of my own; trying out Space Marines and Tau and adjusting my Tyranids.

So first here is Ko'vash's new Eldar list he used:

HQ - Farseer, RoWit, RoWard, Guide - 100
Troops - 2 X 5 Dire Avengers in Wave Serpents with TL Shuriken Cannons - 320
Elites - 5 Fire Dragons in Wave Serpents with TL Shuriken Cannons - 180
= 600

So this list is all about speed and AV12 in small games. It cannot kill much but can kill anything if needed. The main aspect is the speed and ability to 'de-mech' most opponents with the ShurCans so that you can use the whole 6'x4' board to hide in as your opponent is unlikely to be able to kill your tanks easily or even get in range of you if you are careful. After about 4 games Ko'vash had this army fairly understood and was able to beat my experimental Space Marines, my other friends IG, almost defeat my Tyranids and almost win against his old Tau list I used against him. It has little troops but there is a max of 3 objectives so you can win by contesting easily.

Overall this list will be better I think for him but here is his old one for you to decide:

HQ - 2 X Shas'el, TL Missile Pod, Flamer, Gun Drone - 164
Troops - 6 Fire Warriors - 60
- 2 X 10 Kroot - 140
Elites - 2 Shas'ui, TL Missile Pods, Flamers - 94
Fast Attack - 2 Piranhas, Fusion Blasters, 1 Target Lock, 1 Disruption Pod - 160
= 598

Ok and then also my Space Marine list I used against him was thus:

HQ - Librarian, Machine Curse, Avenger - 100
Troops - 2 X 5 Scouts with Missile Launcher - 170
- 5 Scouts with Combi-Melta Sergeant - 85
Elites - 5 Sternguard with 2 Missile Launchers, 2 Combi-Meltas in a Rhino - 180
Fast Attack - Land Speeder Storm with Multi-Melta - 65
= 600

This list almost had me thinking of swapping out my Tyranids for as it has scoring mobility, plenty of anti-tank and anti-infantry, a Librarian to shut down psykers and a neat 'alpha strike' melta squad. However I found it too unreliable as all those missile failed to kill the Wave Serpents all game, almost every game but it is still a strong list. It is always good to see what you could be facing as this is a very nice list and could cause some problems if we go unprepared; especially if the player is well practiced with it.

Finally here is my new Tyranid list:

HQ - Tervigon, Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands, Catalyst - 195
Troops - Tervigon, Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands, Catalyst - 195
- 11 Devilgaunts -110
Elites - 2 Hive Guard
= 600

This lists only real difference is the Hive Guard over Zoanthropes which I have done as they are more reliable, further ranged, tougher to kill, cheaper, longer ranged and I would have prefered then over Zoanthropes every game.

Only concern now is to have Catalyst or not? It is pretty pricey but does a lot to help but would it be worth cutting it for more gaunts? Also the same question about the Toxin Sacs and Adrenal Glands; are they worth it? My answer so far is yes but my mind is not 100% happy, probably never will be, as they were useful upgrades every game.

I will definitely be taking this list and not the Marines one as I know this list really well and have actually never been beaten with it, practice and in the league. I have really begun to see what a difference knowing an army well has on the gameplay and it's outcome.

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