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Friday, 5 August 2011

Sawfish Conversion: Wing Decision

So I have started work on my own version of the fan-invented 'Sawfish'. Based on a Piranha, I am just making up how to make it as I go along. But now I have become stuck on a vital decision; the wings.

I am split between mounting the wings on the front of the vehicle where they are out of the way of the passengers, provide protection towards the passengers also, means the Gun Drones are further forward,breaks up the front section and keeps with the original idea and Piranha more.

However, the disadvantages are that it would block the passengers LoS from within (for a fluff point) and it also the wings would have to be very angled which looks rather odd, but not too odd so as to completely throw the idea.


Next we have the more helicopter idea; mounting the wings on the top, above the passengers. This allows for more LoS and access for the passengers and would also provide protection from the giant engine. The Gun Drones are also at a better angle and the thing appear more sleek while still having a 'hover' feel about it.

The big disadvantage here is that the passengers would not be able to stand and would have to remain seated in transit. It also means the top has a lot of weight though I can solve any technical problems with enough dedication.

So what would everyone suggest? Top or front? I think I am leaning towards front myself.


  1. First time I've checked out your blog, but I think visually the first with wings up front on the sides gives more of a saw feel, but the second version does seem a lot more realistic, including the drones orientation, and aerodynamic aspect

  2. Cheers, that was my main thoughts too although the second version to me seems to be the least 'Tau' like but does look more like a modern gunship; almost like a Valkyrie. If I go with the second design I will also need to break up the front neck with some sensors or more wing tips as it would loom plain otherwise.

  3. I think I would go with the wings up front as the conversion seems less of a hassle and it is more in line with the other Tau vehicles. also it is still keeping with the Shark like lines that the vehicle is patterned after. Good luck
    The Emperor


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