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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Friendly Competition: Turn 4 and 5

So here is the penultimate part of the battle report between my friends Salamanders and Tau.

EoV's Turn 4:

With the game approaching to a close both players started thinking about objectives more. Each of them had 1 objective held each and realised their best chance to win was to contest the others objective.

Start of Turn 4
- The objective in the bastion is being contested between the kroot and scouts (in the bastion) with neither of them going to move soon that objective was out.
- The objective to the left of the bastion was being screened by the devastators and held by the combat squad. Ko'vash needed to contest this.
- The objective under the right-side devilfish was being held by the devilfish. It was not moving and out of the devastators LoS so that objective was owned by Ko'vash.
- The final objective was between the other devilfish and the captain so was being contested. If the captain is killed Ko'vash will have 2 objectives for the win.

So first thing on EoV's agenda was to move more troops to contest Ko'vash's objective so moved in the lone terminator and few tac marines, both running and not shooting. The captain himself went to assault the Shas'O and contest the objective for sure. The captain killed a shield drone and took a wound off the commander.

The devastators shot at the hammerhead again but either missed or the disruption pods saved the shots. So that's it, not much of an agenda.

Ko'vash's Turn 4:

So with the contesting in mind Ko'vash decided his best bet to contest was his hammerhead which immediately surged forward. The crisis suits moved back and shot at the approaching terminator who's armor deflected all the incoming missiles. The devilfish shot desperately at the tactical squad and managed to slay one.

The combat between the Shas'O and Captain continued with the Shas'O losing a wound.

End of turn 4

EoV's Last Turn:

So the game was really almost over and the fight got desperate. We agreed to end on Turn 5 to save time so both players knew it was almost over.

EoV realised the best he could hope for was a draw so concentrated on killing the approaching hammerhead and contesting Ko'vash's objective. Thankfully he had the right tools for the job.

The hammerhead was pummeled by missiles and lascannons and when Ko'vash failed a cover save it could have been all over for Ko'vash but thankfully it only lost its missiles. Phew!

The terminator silenced the crisis suits when it assaulted them but didn't cause any damage as the shield drones shields deflected the powerfist.

Finally the captain managed to do nothing against the Shas'O as his shield generator deflected the space marines large relic blade. Thank the Ethereals for shields!

Ko'vash's Last Turn:

Ko'vash knew he had a chance at victory here but could he pull it off?

Firstly, the enemy objective needed to be contested. So the hammerhead tank shocked the front devastators to try to get within 3'' of the objective to contest. EoV chose to take a death or glory attack with a missile launcher but failed to penetrate so the brave marine was run over. So far so good.

Next priority was to try and eliminate the tactical squad bearing down on the home objective. So out pops the fire warriors and they rapid fire them. Sadly only 2 marines were slayed but fortunately the game was ending soon so no problem there.

The combats raged with the Shas'O having another wound lost along with his shield drone. The terminator managed to squish a shield drone. However the end result was the objective was still contested.

In the swirling combat the objective is still contested.

So was this enough for Ko'vash to snatch victory? The game breaking measurement took place; the distance between the hammerhead and the objective; too far and EoV would have an objective for the draw but too close and Ko'vash would have the win.

So what was the distance?

3.3'' TOO FAR!!!!!!

The game ends in a draw!

Next time the conclusion and other games.

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