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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Friendly Competition: Turn 2 and 3

So continuing from my last post about Deployment, Army Composition and Turn 1 here's Turn 2 and 3 of the battle report.

Turn 2 EoV

After having been shot up really badly by Ko'vash's guns and some of his army having run away it didn't look good. However things quickly turned. Both of the fleeing units rallied and after his large tactical squad and vanguard moved even closer to the tau gun lines, EoV's infamous luck proved its worth.

Start of the turn.

The devastators on the building shot at both Hammerheads. The missile launcher unit fired at the Hammerhead which shot the dreadnought and got 4 hits, 1 penetrate (on a 6) and destroyed it! The lascannon unit shot at the painted hammerhead with the commander hiding behind it and managed to blow off the railgun! Both times Ko'vesh failed his 4+ cover save from the disruption pods. Very lucky.

The combat squad shot again at the stealth suits and managed to kill a drone. Well done.

The dreadnought which had thought itself useless remembered it had flamers and burned up 4 kroot and desperately shot its hunter-killers and killed another kroot.

That was most of EoV's turn 2 apart from the large tac squad and vanguard running forward.

Ko'Vash's turn 2:

With both his hammerheads dead or useless Ko'vash was not happy. But some things did go right in his turn.

The approaching captain was priority 1. So the crisis suits, commander and hammerheads smart missiles opened fire and killed 2 more terminators.

The kroot moved away from the dreadnought and into rapid fire range of the vanguard killing 2.

That dealt with the devilfish moved out and its fire warriors jumped out and rapid fired away at the small combat squad with the aid of markerlights. Combined with the burst cannons on the stealth suits all the marines died. Objective secured.

Fish of fury!!!!
Forgot to mention the objectives are in the bastion, beside the devastators, by the crisis suits and beside the stealth suits.  
EoV's Turn 3:

The devastators took they're chance to kill the fire warriors with their plasma cannons but only killing 1 due to cover saves.

The missiles shot at the hammerhead but all the damage was saved by the disruption pod.

One more kroot was flamed by a very odd flamer shot from the dreadnought.

The one vanguard marine jumped towards the crisis suits and assaulted them but failed to wound at all and was stomped by the crisis suits. Somehow??

The captain assaulted the hammerhead and failed to hit with grenades.

Ko'vash's Turn 3:

Kovash's turn was interesting. The fire warriors hopped back into their fish and onto the objective but oddly Ko'vash rammed the large tac squad with his railgunless hammerhead but they succeeded their morale test so just moved out of the way.

The crisis suits shot at the terminators but he saved all the wounds with his thick armor. The commander shot at the captain but either failed to hit or the wounds were saved.

The kroot moved towards the bastion and contested the objective. With nothing to bust it thats the best he could do.

End of turn 3.
So next time, Turn 4, 5 and the conclusion.

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