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Sunday, 10 October 2010

XV71 'Hermes' Pattern Battlesuit

I have been working on the crisis suit again and have made some fluff. It's pretty self explanatory:

Sorry about the bad picture quality. It's hard to get good close ups with my camera. Anyway here's some fluff:

XV73 ‘Hermes’ Pattern Battlesuit

The Hermes is the latest crisis suit to be produced by the Earth Caste engineers; designed to be lighter, faster and more agile than previous suits. New advances in jet propulsion technology have enabled the jetpack to be shrunk but still retain its original thrust capacity. 

Furthermore the missile pod systems have been incorporated into the arms of the suit giving them better protection and improved power even with the reduction in size. The suit also has a new helmet with enhanced sensors and guidance systems in the form of multiple targeting arrays. 

In a bid to further improve mobility the battlesuits arms have been slimmed to give the pilot greater freedom of movement. So far the suit is only in its prototype stages but is set to undergo extensive field testing.......

* EDIT * I decided to change the name to a more Tau sounding word as only the Imperium use old god names. They are now 'Suam'Kunas' which directly translates as 'Fire of Agile'. It sounds odd but 'Suam' means 'combustion (the act of)' not like 'Fire Warrior' so it means that the suit is agile and applies its firepower well.  


  1. Could you post some experimental rules?

    If you're willing to fluff it it may benefit to add some un-official rules for it (can move more easily through Difficult Terrain etc.)

  2. Actually I was just going to use the normal crisis suit rules but I might think some up...


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