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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Revised Tau 1500

This is my revised 1500 points Tau list. I wanted it to be mainly fun with lots of background as I just love the Tau technology, the suits, the ships, the tanks, the politics, the language, all of it. So this is meant more for fun and fluff than pure competitiveness.

The basic story is covered here. Because the army is entirely based around the crisis suit teams then thats where most of the points have gone and work gone into. The rest of the army just represents the Tau force the Or'esha is fighting beside. I have given each team a name in Tau and a little bit of a fluff idea. This means I can personalise each suit with cool conversions. Also here's where I found the Tau words and names. It is amazing.

However I don't want it to get hosed every time. So any opinions are appreciated.

Crisis Command Team Or'esha (The Hurricane) - 279 Points
-Shas'el Taal Doran Sha'is (Commander Preserving Smart Wind) - 123 Points
= Twin-Linked Missile Pod, Airbursting Fragmentation Projector, Hard-Wired Target Lock, Bonding Knife, 1 Shield Drone, 1 Gun Drone

-Shas'vre Bentu (Wise Hero) - 73 Points
= Twin-Linked Missile Pod, Positional Relay, Hard-Wired Target Lock
~ Bentu is Doran'sha's left-hand-man in all things tactical. He has an excellent grasp of strategy and during the Taal Massacre he played a vital role in rescuing the Da'Ka'ra from the Salamanders.

-Shas'vre Mont'Jkor (Hero War Medic) - 83
= Twin-Linked Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle (Welder), Stimulant Injector
~ Mont'Jkor was the medic in the bodyguard team with Doran'sha before the Taal Massacre. He now serves as Doran'sha's medic, fixing up suits and Tau alike equal ease.

Crisis Team Shan'Kor'vesha (Technician of Drones) - 226 Points
- Shas'uit Caor (Team Leader Creator)
= Twin-Linked Missile Pod, Targeting Array, Team Leader, 2 Marker Drones, Bonding Knife
~ Caor loves tinkering with robots and machines, like the rest of his team. Some say his team should be in the Earth caste but they never forget their true duty, as each new 'toy' is more deadly than the last. Caor keeps the team together as he is the most warrior like and knows how to apply all of the new machines and weapons.

- Shas'ui D'Cha (Veteran Twin Purpose)
= Missile Pod, Burst Cannon, Multi-Tracker
~ D'Cha and D'Mesa are twins (a rare occurrence among Tau). They have always been weird and are keen to prove their toys are nothing to laugh at. D'Cha is excellent at multi-tasking and always tries to use more things than he has hands.

- Shas'ui D'Mesa (Veteran Twin Mark)
= Twin-Linked Missile Pod, Targeting Array
~ D'Mesa is the more normal of the twins but is still considered different. He trained as a Sniper Drone spotter, preferring the company of his metal friends, but he jumped at the chance to join Doran'sha's warriors. He still has a preference to his lovingly-converted Marker Drone creations even though he does not have the authority to use them in combat, having to give them to his friend and leader Shas'uit Caor.

Crisis Team Da'Ka'ra (Dark Exiles) - 160 Points
- Shas'vre Rra (Hero Shadow)
= Twin-Linked Missile Pod, Flamer, Shas'vre, Failsafe Detonator
~ Rra is the leader, having been previously the Team Leader but being promoted to Shas'vre due to his calmness when he and his team were captured during the Taal Massacre (they were a crisis suit team during the Massacre). They eventually escaped their captivity but not without a burning hatred for their captors. They are frowned upon by other warriors due to their aggressiveness but they are determined to prove themselves to Doran'sha (who only accepted their help as nobody else would) even if it means their death.

- Shas'ui Gue'Es (Veteran Lowest Force)
= Twin-Linked Missile Pod, Flamer
~ Gue'Es was the only one of the team who had been 'interrogated' by the Inquisition during their captivity and has been mute ever since. He burns with rage and revenge to all Humans.

- Shas'ui Saum'Ta (Veteran Fire Soul)
= Missile Pod, Twin-Linked Flamer
~ Saum'Ta is the most aggressive of the team. He was always interested in fire but after the captivity it became an obsession.

Crisis Team Kunas'Al (Agile Small) - 155 Points
- Shas'uit J'Kaara (Team Leader Reflection)
= Twin-Linked Fusion Blaster, Targeting Array, Team Leader, Hard-Wired Target Lock, Bonding Knife
~ J'Kaara and her team were stealth suits during the Massacre and were one of the last to escape, helping in the evacuation and providing covering fire from hiding. She was given the name Reflection after it was found it was easier to find his reflection than her. She and her team were given a new prototype crisis suit even smaller than the XV73s. The XV64 is smaller but does include a small amount of stealth technology which more bends the light, distorting their image, not like proper stealthsuits.

- Shas'ui Savon (Veteran Keen-eyed)
= Twin-Linked Burst Cannon, Targeting Array
~ Savon is a crack shot. Give her any gun and she can shoot as well as a Shas'el but give her a Burst Cannon and you get something incredible. Taught by her best friend Kaara in the ways of stealth she now can devastate squads without even being seen.

- Shas'ui Kles'Yio (Veteran  Unnatural Hearing)
= Twin-Linked Burst Cannon, Blacksun Filter
~ Kles'Yio is an expert in observation. She can hear the slightest tremor or sound and swears blind she can isolate sounds out she doesn't want to hear. However her eye-sight is very poor due to a rare condition which makes her eyes super-sensitive to light. As such she needs to constantly wear special goggles when outside of her suit. But this does mean that during night time operations she is always the first to see the target.

The rest are the other Tau forces so have no names or background. They are there to make the army work.

6 Fire Warriors in Devilfish with Disruption Pod and Smart Missile Systems - 165

6 Fire Warriors in Devilfish with Disruption Pod and Smart Missile Systems - 165

Heavy Support
Hammerhead with Railgun, Burst Cannons, Target Lock, Blacksun Filter, Multi-Tracker, Disruption Pod - 175

Hammerhead with Railgun, Burst Cannons, Target Lock, Blacksun Filter, Multi-Tracker, Disruption Pod - 175

TOTAL = 1500 Points

Also as a side, I always thought the Marker Drones can shoot when joined to suit squads as they count as Jet Pack so have Relentless. However the suits specifically say they can't fire heavy weapons on the move. Does this apply to the drones too? I think not.


  1. Excellent background! I particularly liked the bit about Shas'Ui D'Cha. How are you planning to convert the XV64s?

  2. Hmmmm.
    Many battlesuits, good thing.
    I have queries, merely asking you for which reasons you have no broadsides and no pathfinders in your list at the 1500 points level.

    ...just asking! I like lists of others, and would like to know your reasons.

  3. Well it's mainly just a fluff list. I love the idea of all those crisis suits with all their fancy gizmos and gadgets, all of which are unique and personalised to the suit and its wearer.

    With that taking up so many points (820 points! For 12 suits! That's 69 points each!) spent on crisis suits then I needed to fit 2 Troops and some anti-tank into 680 points which can keep up with the suits moving 12" a turn and also kill heavy tanks (like Land Raiders) and troops easily.

    So I realised I needed to have 2 Fire Warrior teams in Devilfishes so they can keep up as Kroot would be left behind and become a liability. I gave the Devilfishes both SMS as that saves a killpoint (drones) and gives them a longer range and let them be out of LoS if they ever need to stay put, on an objective or something.

    Next the Hammerheads were an obvious choice for me as the had mobility and anti-infantry weapons, qualities which Broadsides just don't have but were necessary. Also I thought I should have 2 as 1 will just be killed in seconds whereas 2 are much more of a threat. Also that gives me 4 tanks and 4 crisis teams so I can, as OSH says, circle the wagon by hiding the suits behind the tank before popping out and shooting then hopping back behind the tank. Mobile cover.

    This gives me effectively 4 fire bases which can all move 12" a turn, still shoot and take on a variety of opponents. I can have the longer ranged crisis suits behind the Hammerheads so they can stay back while the closer ranged units, Kunas'Al and Da'Ka'ra, can hide behind the Devilfishes and get closer.

    Also I don't think I mentioned that outfitting each suit in a unit differently also gives me a lot of wound allocation tricks. ;)

  4. 'tis a fine way of compensating the nowadays compulsive view on taking a railgun or two, I see.

    I wish I could play against your list. -_-

  5. Well for Tau Railguns are compulsory. They are a staple of the army. Since I only had missile pods on the suits and only 1 fusion blaster I needed some more reliable anti-heavy-tank guns.

    Hey-presto! The Railgun.

    And I just realised that I didn't say why I didn't take Pathfinders even though it is probably obvious.

    They are too static for this list, I needed mobility. I do love Pathfinders and their Markerlights which is why I have some Marker Drones even though they are expensive as hell.


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