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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Tyranid 1500 Swarmy Swarmy

With Christmas coming up and hopefully some more Tyranids along with it I am thinking of all the ways I can use the reinforcements. Mostly I am wanting a swarm as now I use lots of warrior-sized beasts like Raveners, Zoanthropes and Hive Guard so want a change of pace. 

A good old Tyranid Swarm seems like a good way to go as people have difficulty dealing with the spawned Gaunts from my Tervigon when they have support from Venomthropes, the Hive Tyrants Old Adversary power (giving them preferred enemy) and the Tervigon giving them Feel no Pain. So if they have problems with 20 Gaunts, think about the problems of 90+ Gaunts, all with the above benefits but preferred enemy. The Hive Tyrant was just to expensive for what it does and the arms keep falling apart.

Mmmm..... Biomass......
So here's the list;

Toxin Sacs
Adrenal Glands
Crushing Claws
- 235

3 Zoanthropes
- 180

3 Hive Guard

2 Venomthropes

30 Termagaunts
- 150

30 Termagaunts
- 150

30 Termagaunts
- 150

Toxin Sacs
Adrenal Glands
Scything Talons

Fast Attack
5 Raveners
Rending Claws
- 175

If I want I can also swap out one unit of Termagaunts and Onslaught for my beloved Shrikes with their Boneswords/Lash Whip and Toxin Sacs. This will give me more anti-MeQ ability at the cost of some durability. After the Tervigons spawn I will easily have 120 Gaunts in 2 turns if not more. That will flood the board. 

I will however need to build and paint all of those Gaunts which will take forever but should be worth it. Thank goodness I have a simple paint scheme.


  1. Arms fall apart?

    Ever tried drilling and pinning on the model? With an electric mini-drill and epoxy putty, things get really secure.

    90 Termagants is absolutely scary. I, as a Tau player, might be able to deal with such a threat with enough hammerhead pizza pies of doom, but numbers like that are simply overwhelming. One cannot run forever with numbers of such magnitude.

    Astute, but make sure nobody gets to shoot them too much; Use cover even if you're a Gantcarpet!

  2. I meant that the arms keep falling off the model. Specifically the bonesword/lashwhip arms. I have tried pinning but I just can't get it to work.

    Remember it won't just be 90 Termagaunts, it will be 90 plus whatever the Tervigons spawn, which for each Tervigon is on average 21 a game. So thats 132 Termagaunts with the possibility of more or less depending on my luck.

    The will get cover saves from the Venomthropes anyway but if I can find better cover then that's great but I would only use it if it didn't hinder my plans of getting accross the board quickly. Also the Termagaunts behind the first wave will get cover from the first wave. If I give FnP to the front wave then they will get a 5+ cover then 4+ FnP, which is equivalent to a 3+. So my little troopers get marine saves!

    On top of that if even one Gaunt from the brood is within 6" of a Tervigon and another within 6" of a Venomthrope then they get poisoned (4+) attacks, Furious Charge, Counter-Attack (at Ld 10), Defensive Grenades, a 5+ cover save and any unit assaulting them has to take dangerous terrain tests. Give that to 100+ Gaunts and now you see my list.

    If they charge a marine squad with those benefits they have 2 attacks each, so say 20 survive shooting, 40 attacks. They need a 4+ to hit, 20 hits. A 4+ reroll to wound, so 15 wounds. Then the marines have a 3+ armour save, so 5 die. That is all at I5 so now the marines attack.

    5 attacks, 3.3333 hits, 2.2222 wounds and say no successful saves and no FnP that kills 2 Gaunts. Marines lose by 3 and are now Ld6. With some luck and ATSKNF tests then another marine dies.

    Thats good from a 100 point squad. Thats not even considering shooting, which I wouldn't do as the marine would just turn tail and run leaving the Gaunts out to dry.

    OK that was almost as long as the post but oh-well you get the picture....

  3. 'tis a simple and effective rush to drown the foe with death by a thousand scratches.

    I would approve strongly if I were also a tyranid player =D


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