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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Schools League Regional Heat Results!

So I have now been to Warhammer World Nottingham and the Schools League National Finals! It was absolutely amazing and I loved everything about the place. The place was like a university campus with many separate buildings with connecting paths/walkways and there was a balcony and even a small garden!

Army ready for combat.
So a quick run-down: we arrived around 09:00 and got prepared, our armies out, our army lists checked and finally familiar with the amazing surroundings before we started at around 11:00. Round 1 was a Dawn of War, Capture and Control against a horde Ork player. His list was 2x30 orks with a power klaw, a warboss with a power klaw and 5 lootas. I basically split his two big units up and munched both by turn 2 with the combined firepower and close combat prowess of the many gaunts. A win for me.

Round 2 was against a Tyranid player I knew from The Tyranid Hive, Alta, who had a Tyrannofex w/ cannon, 10 gaunts and a prime with warriors in a pod. We started this game late due to a mix up so we had to rush but it was fun anyhow. It was a seize ground, spearhead battle and since I got first turn and 2/3 objectives I just sat back, pumped out gaunts and won the game by not moving. A win for me.

All my friends were laughing at me due to the fact that I recognised Alta from TTH and were saying 'remember what we were told in school, don't meet people on the internet.' It was funny and Alta was a great guy and it will be a hilarious story for my next 'internet safety' lesson at school.

Round 3 was a Pitched battle, killpoints game against a Tau player who had a Hammerhead, 6 fire warriors in devilfish, 20 kroot and 2 crisis suits with missile pods. This game went really slowly, I suspect my opponent was doing this deliberately, but by turn 5 I had just killed the crisis suits for 1 killpoint and had only lost 2 gaunts. A win for me again!

Here are some pics of the event that I took during the very long breaks.

So overall a great day, I won all my games and we got through to the International Finals with joint 2nd! Bring it on!


  1. Well done! When is the international finals?

  2. June some time. Oh and I forgot to say that we get T-shirts for qualifying!

    And also one of my teammates got onto the What's new today blog, He's the Space Wolf player. Here: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/blogPost.jsp?aId=16000017a

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