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Friday, 29 June 2012

Schools League Final 2012

Well, my team all went with high spirits and expectations and I have to say we weren't too disappointed! The games were tense right up to the end and we met some really interesting guys (some in top hats and monocles!) but in the end we placed 8th! It's better than we did last year and we all had a lot more fun. Also, I yet again met some of my readers who very kindly signed my shirt and seemed to have done better than my team! Well done guys!

So, onto an analysis of the games and my list.

Farseer on jetbike with Fortune, both Runes and a Spear.
4 Warlocks on jetbikes, Destructor and Enhance

2 x 3 Guardian Jetbikes with a Shuriken Cannon accompanied by a Warlock with Embolden

- This list was only a slight change to my last list with the main change being the Embolden Warlocks. The reroll Ld tests were found to be very important in test games however they were almost useless in the actual final. Besides that the Seer Council on bikes just do what they are meant to and beat almost anything in the face whilst never dying.

Round 1
Dawn of War, Capture and Control, vs Imperial Guard

- My opponent had over 80 infantry models which simply sat on his home objective in a massive squad that always tried to First Rank Fire, Second Rank Fire. This worked well for me as I simply had to endure a volley of fire before I got into combat murdered the massive unit. Which is what I did. The Council survived 78 lasgun shots and didn't take a single casualty! 

Result - Annihilated my Opponent

Round 2
Spearhead, Seize Ground, vs Tyranids

- Opponent had a Tervigon, Biovore, Zoanthrope, Hormagaunts, Devilgaunts and Termagaunts. This played directly into my hands as not only do I know Tyranids inside out my Seer Council are perfectly suited to kill Tyranids MCs. The game ended with my opponent being annihilated turn 4 with not much tactics besides my multi-combat with the Council against the Tervigon and its spawned unit, the Tervigon then died on the 'No Retreat!' saves. 

Result - Annihilated my Opponent

Round 3
Pitched Battle, Kill Points, vs Tau

- Opponent was very competent even though he was young so kudos to you man, it was a tough game! His list was a plasma/missle commander, 2 missle/TL flamer crisis suits, a devilfish with FW, 2 x 7 FW then a broadside. I hate Tau but know them well so was confident about this game ao when I got first turn I deployed everything right up the 12" line. I charged full on and unbelievably lost 3 Warlocks to his first turn of shooting even with Fortune rerolls! I thought thought it was over but I never lost another model all game and eventually killed all of his Fire Warriors and Devilfish. I did a very good Eldar, I killed some points then ran!

Result - 0 kill points lost, 4 kill points gained

Round 4 
Spearhead, Scorched Earth (modified Seize Ground), vs Mech Imperial Guard

- The mission was just like in Battle Missions and I was looking forward to taking advantage of the completely blocking LoS area terrain. I stupidly however went nuts with my Council, thinking them invincible, and threw them right into the Leman Russ and Melta Chimera's faces'. Suffice to say they died after causing only a little bother. I thankfully saved a draw by boosting my jetbikes about around two objectives. Lucky me seeing as I made such a bad mistake but the guy I faced was such a funny and great person (with a top hat and monocle) so I didn't mind. 

Result - Lucky draw, deserved to lose

So, overall I earned 3 wins and a draw whilst my team got 6 wins and a draw between them. Combined we placed 8th in the whole tournament! I was happy with that and can't wait until next year!

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